Returns and refunds

​Any defective items can be returned for refund, replacement, or discounted/increased price due to substitution.
Please Email us within 5 days of receiving your parcel. Please attach photo(s).
All RMA must be returned with its original packaging and accessories.
Customer is responsible for return shipping charges.
Once we get your package, you'll get a refund or shipping number of parcel with your replacement product.
Please note, refund can't be done immediately by customer request after shipping number was provided.
Refund will be sent in case the parcel was stolen (no delivery in 60 days after shipping number was provided). Due to COVID-2019 (2020-2023 year) 60 days is extended to 120 days.
Order cancellation is only possible if your parcel is not shipped yet and your payment is still in authorization state (wasn't captured). 
Once payment is authorized or parcel is shipped out order cancellation requests are not satisfied.
If you couldn't pick the order up or address was incorrect, we won't provide any replacement/refund/resend of product. Every parcel contains "destroy if no delivery" mark, if you couldn't pick up the product because of wrong address, we are sorry but we can't resend new product or refund your money, because return shipping cost is very expensive for us if you made a mistake in address.
COVID disinfection service is not refunded in case of return by customer mistake.
Shipping phone number should be correct. If you provided wrong number or '000' '1234' kind of numbers, we're not responsible for delivery, no refund will be provided.

if you are not confident in your abilities to apply tempered glass screen protectors, please contact professional service.
Our products are factory made molding, they are checked on real devices with precision. We don't sell raw products.
Curved display smartphones requires precision for tempered glass installation.
If you applied the glass dirtily or roughly, if the tempered glass screen protector doesn't want to glue due to wrong installation, we won't provide you replacement or refund.
Refund or replacement of tempered glass screen protectors will be applied for damaged on arrival products only.

We don't accept returns or rejected packages, all rejected packages will be recycled without any refund to customers.
Any customs charges, taxes are not included in the price and should be paid separately, it's buyer's responsibility.
We don't collect any types of VAT, please know that it's buyer's responsibility as well if you require to pay VAT.
If you want to cancel the order when customs blocked your package or the package retained by customs - no cancellation is possible, no refund will be provided for such situations. Please solve customs problem locally.