Nillkin CLRFilm Camera Tempered Glass for Huawei P70 Pro

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Nillkin CLRFilm Camera Tempered Glass for Huawei P70 Pro

Reinforced with aviation aluminum around the frames, the Nillkin CLRFilm Camera Tempered Glass was made from upgraded high-strength, top quality tempered glass. The glass protection protects your phone camera from scratches and cracks due to bumps.

Surface Coating

The surface features an optical level AR coating technology, as well as a waterproof layer, in addition to a ring-shaped adhesive and metal sealing ring.

Clarity and Transparency

It has 96% light-transmitting properties which give a similar shooting effect as the original phone camera.

It also provides dustproof and waterproof protection and it looks really good.

Protect your smartphone camera with a CLR film camera tempered glass.


  • Scratch-resistance.

  • Dustproof and waterproof protection.

  • Ultra-clear imaging for taking perfect shots.

  • Ultra-thin protection that is almost invisible.

  • It was Molded using the original phone.

  • It is really easy to install.

  • Seamless adsorption prevents fall off, allowing the film and smartphone camera to fit perfectly.

  • 96% light transmission, 2% higher than market standards.

  • The aviation aluminum frame provides excellent protection.

  • Different color options allow the user to fully express themselves.


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